"We shouldn't use a version control system for such a small project. Let's just use Google Drive"

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    Oh this one totally qualifies as worst advice . Guy didn't even suggest dropbox
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    I'm using onedrive for my personal projects. On the other side, we use SVN for a project at my student job. Although I am virtually the only one working on it, it feels kinda good having such a version system with an automatic changelog. I don't do atomic commits but instead commit every now and then when I got some features finished. As I am kinda careful of what I do, I always write a nice changelog which really helps me keeping track of what I've done. I consider setting up git repos for all my projects inside the onedrive.
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    If I'm not wrong ...I think that Gdrive has some sort of versioning?
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    @Archetipo Not sure about that, but even if it did, merging code is still a headache.
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    @RaspberryPi on Google docs👏😂
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