You think you're doing well, then you talk to someone who operates at a skill level so far above you, it makes you think why even bother.

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    i've dealt with high animals like marketing leaders of the biggest banks and insurances and very rich people. First you think "woahhh he's ceo!" but after some time i've realized they have the same struggles like everbody else - beeing human. So never overglorify somebody and comparing your self too often leads to depression.
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    You'll always find someone who does something better than yourself, we would still be hunter-gatherers if that wasn't the case. As mentioned, there's no point in comparing ourselves, just keep doing your thing.
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    We have a tech consultant in job title who we're getting up to speed. When I show him a tool he really likes and uses I feel like I'm the one operating on a skill level so far beyond his. (Which I am, but still makes me feel bad ass)
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    They still take a shit in the morning.
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    Try to learn from them. At one point, they were at the level you are at now.
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    You are lucky. You can learn a lot from him
    It's always better to be the dumbest in the room than to be the smartest :)
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    Because even someone like me somehow got elected... You never know....
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    You tried codejam at all?!
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