Confession: I'm launching a major project for a client this time next week. It's some of the worst code I've ever written in my entire life. It's beyond awful, but I have no choice. It's sure going to be fun fixing it for the next 2 weeks post launch.

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    About to be in the same boat, working at a new company, code quality is -1/10.. they seem confident but I've got (and raised) some serious concerns..

    Good luck to the both of us 🤞
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    You both should be expelled from devRant 😂
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    Nah, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Business doesn't understand what 'code quality' is.
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    @mt3o the businesses writing it do
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    Fuck yeah!! Making it happen... 🤘🏼
    We can always learn to be better but better to ship than to be a perfectionist and never ship anything
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    @brod Cheers buddy, hope all goes well
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    @badcopnodonuts Great point. That's what Zuckerberg always said, and that guy clearly never amounted to anything. If there's a silver lining, as least I know and recognise that the code is bad, haha. Plenty of time to fix it later while basting in my own drunken tears.
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    Welcome to IT. This is how it always is. You can be the best coder in the world, but dumb fucking business people will ruin it in so many ways.

    Impossible time lines, shitty inherited code bases, stupid requirements that make no sense and require you to hack something together. It's not your fault. The fact that you realize it's awful shows that you have higher standards.
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