I am a hobby programmer. I just got rejected by the biggest crush of my life. I guess I'm stuck with my stupid wothless fucking life writing code. How fucking exciting....

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    You beat me, my crush said she hated me right before I was about to tell her how I felt. I guess what I'm trying to say is, welcome to devRant i guess :/
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    Yeah, I forgot the first rant tag
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    @SparkyTD ++ because your first rant wasn't "Hello, World!"
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    The best form of revenge is success (or something like that), use it as motivation to achieve something and show them what they are missing out on
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    Welcome to devrant !
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    Now you can channel all your focus and time towards coding and productivity..
    I knw we didn't have a choice but...
    Yeah being positive ...
    Try to See the bright side of things ..
    Etc etc..
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    Well it is fucking exciting.. or you woudnt do it...
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    Thank you guys for all the support! This really is an awesome community.
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    Relevant pop culture reference:
    🎥 The Social Network
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    >worthless life coding.
    My dude, if you're not having fun coding just don't do it. You got rejected by your crush, It's not the end of the world.
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    I love coding (i don't even know anymore what the fuck the word 'love' means), I've been doing it since I was 14yo. Now I'm 18 and I just don't want to become that stereotypical programmer nerd who doesn't have a life.
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    Fair enough
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    The amount of support this community is giving me is unreal. I appreciate every ++ and comment. Thank you guys.
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    Told my crush I liked her. Got ignored for a week then rejected. 6 months after we started dating. It's been 2 years know.

    You never know, however, you're brave for telling her your feelings so you should be proud! Don't pity yourself for her rejection and move on with your life. It's the best you can do.
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    I'm with @Kalvin. At least this won't be a "what if..." on your list. You took a chance, it didn't pan out. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on to the next chance taken. Good luck!
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    I still see a small chance based on what she told me. I will write another try{ } catch{ } block, hopefully it won't throw another exception.
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    Move on to the next.
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    She's a bitch anyway.
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    Just code a good library and name it after her. Then everyone uses it and you can call it a bitch. Problem solved.
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    You got it all wrong.

    People who fail at coding turn to relationships as an alternative.
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    @Noob duude...you just solved it! Nice one!
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    @Noob not in my case... I have never failed at coding. All I did was I fell in love with someone.
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    Might as well as my own story to

    Started dating this girl, word got it that we were dating, both of us for bullied for dating, got dumped because she couldn't handle it :(

    Anyways, welcome to devrant :)

    EDIT: This was a long time ago
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    Damnn, I feel you man 🤦‍♂️😰
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