How do you guys format data like this? Using js framework? Or pure HTML tags?
html labels? invisible table?

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    Long time ago I'd say table, but now I'd use only divs with css
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    Div plus flexbox yes!
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    before flexbox, i used to do it via tables, divs or dl/td/dd tags
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    Divs + labels.
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    That looks like a list to me.
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    <table> <tr> <th></th> <td></td> </tr> </table>


    Any CSS framework that provides a grid. Use Bootstraps .row and .col-xs-6 classes for example.
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    @gilgameshcoder Why don't you inspect it and find out? Hit F12 in your browser.
    That's the beauty of Dev tools. Anything you see that is done with HTML and CSS you can see in its entirety
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    ...HTML has other tags than <div>?
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    Div + css
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    @olezhka I'm not web dev, but whats wrong with table? As far as I member it wasn't that bad
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    CSS framework utilising a grid of some sort. These are all applied through the classes the framework provides. I prefer Semantic UI. Something like this could be done with a Card and a Grid inside it with basic text and maybe a Label for the green thingy. Bootstrap is your safest bet. Of you could write your own CSS too.
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    @No-one they're not good for a responsive design.

    But still have their uses.
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    @No-one Responsive design. Tables are very difficult to scale for smaller & bigger displays.

    Some flexbox/grid divs can be turned from a vertical list into a fullwidth table into a sidebar with tiles, or whatever you think looks fancy on that type of display.
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    Flexboxes are life !
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    @gilgameshcoder, which website is that? Easiest way to know for sure is to let someone actually look at it or, as mentioned, inspect it yourself with the F12 dev console.

    Also I'm personally curious too so please share the link :F
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    @Bastion @SoulSkrix This is a design prototype, it is not a production ready a webpage yet. This clears up why I couldn't just inspect it. 😛
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