Getting paid for my work.

Just because I'm a student, people assume I'll do everything for free and "exposure", while they make money off of my code

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    Won't change if you graduate (still being a freshman and work for references)
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    Never do anything for free. That time is better spent on some side project on your GitHub.
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    It doesn't get much better kid, even when you are a professional you still are expected to do more than your are valued.
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    @Pizza 100%. If someone tells me that I am not getting paid I will politely show them the bird and leave.
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    But can they handle the business side?
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    @drGreat5 you stick to your guns. Ain't nobody want you to work for free unless it for them.
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    "Oh yeah, you're working for free, but you are learning a lot at the same time, and you are gaining experience to put on your resume". Fuck you. People say it as if companies were doing you a favor by 'letting' you do their work for free.
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