My boss was getting upset about me not letting him know where I was. So I created a flow that would email him automatically if I was in the office or not by a certain time.

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    Well done
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    All he's gunna say now is you wasted valuble work time lol
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    atomate it further by using a beacon.
    If your phone has connection to your beacon you're in the office.

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    @Lahsen2016 Glad I work in a place where I can go "Hehe, not fucking happening!" to the boss if he asks something like that. Also glad I work in a place where he will never ask, either.
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    Wish my phone was good enough for automate, it's so helpful
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    What app is that?
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    I really love automate. Good job
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    Why him need's to know where you are?
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    No wild card
    Yes just a simple "Am I near the office by 11 AM? Yes/No"

    The rest is just emailing him
    "I'm out of the office"
    "I'm in the office"

    And this only works on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

    I have to do this now because it could cost me my job.
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    I work from home and am usually there. This flow would definitely give a wrong impression.
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    Tasker is better :-) Can do more...
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    "...could cost me my job."

    Time for a new job, I'd say!
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