Stack Overflow has lost around 50% of its traffic over the last one and a half years. I can't begin to imagine why.


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    Must be ChatGPT. How much traffic did Google lose? From me 50%
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    Ironically chat can not keep it's quality when ppl stop using so and the like because it doesn't get any new content to learn from.
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    @horus true, but chatGPT takes the boobs away so maybe the questions on SO are less but higher quality where it still can learn from. So the quality chatGPT eats becomes higher thanks to itself
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    regardless of what will happen to stackoverflow in the future. In my mind, it has cemented itself as the most important product to come out of the market the last few decades.
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    Given chatgpt was trained on stackoverflow, it's no wonder.

    Thing is, it's *still* a language model. It reproduces common patterns in the trained set.

    Stackoverflow is valuable in itself, because it's not a retarded forum, it's a Q&A site, and as thus, it will always hold intrinsic value.

    If I were to catch an employee blindly trusting chatgpt over a SO question, reading and *evaluating* the answers within, that guy is fired on the spot.
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    I don't use chatgpt a lot, but I'm getting more and more answers from GitHub issues than stackoverlow, so why bother?

    As long as I get the right answer I don't really care where do I get them from.

    But my main source is still google
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    @retoor I hate chatgpt if it takes the boobs away. Well, it depends whose boobs.
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    docs, issues, more docs, other issues referencing the project in question, more docs.

    I have reached a point in my studies where I can correctly guess the cause of a problem more often than I can effectively search for it, and the most valuable contribution of SO to my workflow is as a catalog of links to blogs for clever CSS solutions.
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    (I also often glance at the implementation of library functions in case they're simple enough that I can just read my solution from there)
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    I like the illusion that I’m being paid extra for stuff so for me it’s ChatGPT and Presearch or Bing.

    Google probably gets 1% of my traffic and stack overflow even less.

    The Google traffic is usually to double check the other engines didn’t miss anything, and only about 1% of those times is that the case :)
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    I use ChatGPT and Google Bard for grammar.
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    @swifterresort nah.

    chatGPT + dumb people too stupid to understand the rules.
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    @error503 don't like the bard interface on phone. Too much empty space
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