Every time I post a question to SO I feel so anxious.
Did I provide enough code samples and information?
Did I provide TOO MUCH information?
Is my English alright?
Did I really try everything else or will someone point out something totally obvious after that I feel that I need to delete my post because it's just dumb?

Feeling anxious right now... Worst of all: it's an important work related question, so I have to think about a new task because this issue was my only one and a road blocker.


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    Sometimes the best way to get helpful advice is to be a hopeless idiot (not saying you are) but that's what life has provided me lol
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    @SmirkingBandit I wish everyone on SO did so much thinking when posting there.
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    @mee4895 thanks but sometimes I wish I could just dumb down in order to avoid all this anxiety.
    Especially if I see views but get no answer. Still sweating and checking the question every 5-10 minutes 😅
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    I learned how to pass over that on my own...
    My method:
    I care shit about what others think.
    If it's a nice person I really don't need to care... If it's a shitty person with issues that has to put everyone else down then I already don't care, so it won't affect me...
    Try to perfect yourself, for yourself and anything else is a plus to learn / improve. Every mistake is a lesson, any bad response /trolling / bad mouth speaking helps improve your self.
    Be strong, care only about your improvement and it will transpire as a strong personality, even if, like me, you have low self estime.
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    Btw 99 % of my posts on foruns get no reply or bad replies, like Google it, or your not expecting we write the code for you...
    Still I keep posting, keep asking... If someone helps great, if not I only wasted 5 minutes.
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    That just shows how nitpicky people can be on SO
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    @RodrigoF thank you for the kind advice :)

    @1nfinite I can understand that tho. The more detailed precise you are the less time others have to spend on figuring out what exactly you want/are talking about.
    But I end up shortening my posts after writing them to not throw a wall of text at somebody and potentially scare them away 😅
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    @SmirkingBandit don't dumb down for others that seems to be the wrong approach. I personally don't struggle with anxiety so I can't help you there but I simply think of it as an option, a possibility to recieve helpfull advice so its kind of like compiling software either it works or you have to try somrthing else ;-)
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    Don't mean to self-promote, but I find chat rooms can be a lot more helpful than SO if you're a beginner, because you can ask follow-up questions, and there's much less expectation that your question contains everything someone needs — if you're missing some info, it's easy to just ask for it. I co-run a group called DevChat on Slack, and there are lots of other great communities for programmers as well. I'm @eden on DevChat, if you join give me a shout!
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    @edensg chats make me even more anxious. Well, to be honest, for the same reasons, I don't post in SO either. I end up spending a ton of time solving problems. I'll try chatrooms though. Maybe over time, I'll loose my virtual shyness.
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    @edensg didn't ever think of chat rooms. That's a good idea, but I think my anxiety at first would be even greater because I'd feel pressured to answer as quick as possible and than probably missing obvious stuff etc.

    But thanks :)
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    @SmirkingBandit I'd hope that's not an issue, that you wouldn't feel rushed, but speaking from experience it totally depends on the people you're talking with. For the most part, that doesnlt seem to be a problem, especially now that slack has threads — itmakes it easy to keep a conversation going even in a busy channel.
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