Have a Skype interview in 15min for a backend position. Only the first screening, but I'm anxious anyway.
Wish me luck!

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    Best of luck!
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    Don't forget to use pants!
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    use studio LED-lighting gear and hire a makeup artist :D
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    Thanks people!

    Also, don't you love when the job advertisement says they use X framework and the interview asks about a whole other Y framework? Fucking hell... Wasted time preparing for the wrong one lol
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    @coffee-dev they advertised CakePHP and asked stuff about Lumen/Laravel
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    They're using Skype
    Leave ASAP
    Or never join
    Choose wisely
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    Skyoe has a blur backgroubd effect that could be really useful if you are not comfortable with your background

    @scor Or maybe they're using skyoe only for interviews/external clients... Nothing wrong with it, ah but if you don't say this, you're not cool
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    Allow me to reply on a separate rant.
    You'll be notified.
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    @scor ping me too, seems interesting xD
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