Friend just asked me to quickly type some stuff he quoted. Fair enough, I like helping out!

"you'll have to do it on windows though"

Ah that's alright haha.

*types in word for 15 minutes, one page done*

(note: genuine word and windows 10 without bloatware etc etc)

*presses ctrl+s*
*clicks save as*

*computer freezes*


*waits anxiously*

*computer unfreezes*


*presses save as again*




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    @PaddiM8 D'awhh haha
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    @linuxxx Yeah, windows has it's flaws...
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    Blue screen is mostly hardware error
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    Computer freezes??? What kinda hardware you got...

    Win10 + SSD = no freeze it maybe some apps rarely... But it's the apps fault.
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    @billgates 4-6 gb ram I thought, i7, hdd and that's about all I know haha
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    I want the real Bill Gates to read this
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    @linuxxx sounds like my laptop except I have replaced it with an SSD after the HDD failed.

    Actually when it was failing the PC was really slow and froze a lot I think because of slow R/W speeds
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    I hope I see that one day, ever since Windows 7 I did not face that on my laptop, but I always hear relatives moaning about it. Too bad they are not techy people or I'd force install Linux and save their poor souls lol
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    A dev that doesn't save as they work? 🤔
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    @adbo Well tried that but it froze everytime so thought that I'd do it in the end :)
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    Sure, blame Microsoft for your failing hardware/shitty drivers if it makes you feel better. 🤷‍♂️
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    @gblues Sorry, but what's your problem? Failing drivers shouldn't even be able to crash a whole freaking operating system and since when am I not allowed to rage about stuff that happens on here? I'm not even close to fanboying about anything at all here.
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    @gblues well unless you could replicate this on other systems, it might be a windows problem. If mac OS crashes when using a word processor or Linux crashes while using a word processor then obviously windows isn't to blame and its a widespread problem but until that comes about it probably is linked to something Microsoft has does, but ie. Windows. Windows does have the most issues with this, so it probably is something they should look in to
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    @linuxxx don't have a problem with your rant. An unexpected crash is frustrating and swearing is proven to be therapeutic.

    I'm trying to tell you that your rage is misdirected and your responses make it clear that you don't understand how operating systems work.
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    @gblues I'm sorry but WHAT? Not sure if you realize but you're talking to someone who has actively been studying the linux kernel for a while now. Yes, this offends me a fuckload.

    Don't fucking tell me if I don't or do know something when you don't know me.
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    @billgates Actually Win10 freezes a lot for many users in my company.
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    @Noob SSD? or just loaded with too many internal apps written by monkeys....

    All I know is my laptop or pretty old but after SSD, it's pretty good
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    @billgates most of them have the same thinkpad with the same hardware configuration, so yeap - most with an SSD.
    Also no apps at all. Techies here receive Macs, others, like HR and sales get thinkpads.
    So the non-techies also have no special apps, yet they experience lots of Win10 related problems and occasional freezing during Office use is one of them.
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    @Noob hmm.... Make the techies use one for a day then? They'll prolly figure out the problem.

    I've never had any Office apps lag.. but then when I'm using 2015, 2016 so guess that's max compatibility
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    @billgates I've encountered so many problems with Windows that I'm not surprised anymore.
    It's a great OS, full of features and tons of options but it's also very heavy and unoptimized as in the case of Win10. Lenovo for example, got driver issues for Win10 in all of their laptops that were released in the past few years.

    The weirdest Win10 bugs I've encountered:

    * All strings across the entire GUI change places with irrelevant strings. For example you keep seeing messages like "hold SHIFT and left click" instead of "Connected and secured" on the WiFi pannel.

    * Blue screen on two, brand new laptops when trying to connect using an RJ45.

    * A Win7 desktop connects with a cable to a Win10 laptop, which in turn connects to the network via WiFi. Connection loses internet each time one of the PCs goes to sleep. Nothing resolves the issue unless you click on the network icon in the network window. It's like a hidden refresh solution fir the bug.

    Anyway, I'm not surprised anymore :)
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    @wolt Oo damn xD. Which interests are overlapping if I may ask? :P. Also I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but I am straight :/
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    @wolt Damn! You're very fucking welcome in the FOSS/linux/privacy/security chat then! And we can also talk privately through that medium :). Interested?
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    @wolt Register at riot.im and gimme your username! (yes, end to end encrypted chat AND FOSS!)
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    @wolt Oh, yeah, and saying fuck windows doesn't get you burned into the ground there :P
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    @wolt Looking forward to that already! 😀
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    @wolt xD. I'll invite you to the linux/foss chat as well as to a private one!
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    @wolt Invited!
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    @wolt Shoot me a message if you need help!
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