I added under my LinkedIn description a P.S. (post scriptum)
Don't contact me if your main browser is Internet Explorer.

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    And this is the days the kids arrived to linkedIN
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    @Linux argument your comments or don't waste storage with useless charters.
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    Because it is unprofessional.
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    Yes, asking for support to a webbrowser that is EOL since long is unprofessional.
    IE11 is still stupported, and widely used.

    I am just kinda tired of that "IE is bad bla bla thing", that is something that appears on 9gag...

    I just pretend that I did not see that last sentence ;)
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    Wow you're cool /s

    Totally agree with @Linux
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    Daaaaaam I was sarcastic in the last comment. I hope to stay young minded forever and not became like you two.
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    Noone want child labour
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