Together, we've finished this 68x78 logo! 🥳 Yeaaaah, plans turned out to be very ambitious, but the end of the event was nearing, so we settled on a hollow version.

Find it on Canvas, as part of our collab: https://devrant.com/collabs/8270045 🔍

dR Community Channel has all the progress and references for the next r/place-like social! Join the chat: https://matrix.to//... 💬

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    @varikvalefor @HitWRight 😄

    Thank you for your contribution!
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    💬📣 Announcement of the new Matrix room (if you missed): https://devrant.com/rants/8266215
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    Miracle you finished it so fast. Looks nice when you zoom in on the word 'rant'
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    @retoor 😅 I improvised and in the last 9 hours made a text template. Other parts we all were working on: mouth piece, top eye, outline.
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    Alright, people, I see that 3 days are not enough. And I'm not the only one who came with a feedback that event time needs to be extended next year. I hope it will be done so, because just Friday-Sunday doesn't seem to work. Remember, event is not regulated by me and it's a public canvas.

    So far, only 6 people have responded and took part in making devRant logo (even 1-3 pixels suffice). If we are to go and make it better next year, with potentially extended time given, please at least let us know about any problems you have attending. My promotion skills suffer a failure, but feedback would be useful in making the next event.

    Again, thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in this. Also, if you've read all that, have a great-great day!
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    looks less angry and more sad.
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    @vintprox conquering and claiming territory in the name of DR, nice.
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