Code runs, time to remove all the System.out.println("AAAAAAAAA"); from it.

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    One of my fears is that some day one of my bullshit debug messages goes live and the customer calls and says "There's 'OMG SON OF A ROFLCOPER! #05' in the logs, why?"
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    @CWins my biggest fear too! Before releasing I always do ctrl-f for System!
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    Good one algo…
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    I still write console.log('iRan') in my functions to see if they were called from time to time
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    This reminds me to my "Hello from X" logs :')
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    Traditional debugging helps still...
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    You don't personalize the messages?
    I always write something related to what I'm trying to debug....
    That is, when I use debugging
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    @RodrigoF Sometimes, if I am worried about a certain variable. Otherwise I am usually testing to make sure that the if statement flow is correct.

    String compares sometimes fail because of wierd reasons....
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    I can imagine how the programmers at Apple first implemented the kernel panic... 😂
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    In my case, echo and console.log() 😁
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    Time to get rid of the logging... console.log(“what the fuck even is this?”, result.data);

    Standard, fuck code.
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