Finally after a couple of years, we finally finished our game for... Windows phone. When we started the only real choice was to develop in silverlight.

Now silverlight has been discontinued and microsoft released uwp, no real help to convert to uwp (I know mobilize bridge exists, but it is not very good) since many features does not exist yet in uwp :/

But hey that's expected right? But couldn't microsoft at least ensure performance of silverlight apps on win10 mobile??? We have used a lot of time optimizing that the game runs smoothly on crap phones on wp8.1, but highend phones on win10 lags....

Thanks microsoft for taking a change :/

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    That's a bummer dude, but that's technology.

    Just curious - why did you choose to make it for Windows phone?The market is minuscule
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    That sucks!
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    @xroad We chose the platform because we were able to get a lot of support, free server, free visual studio, free accounts, which was great for startup. Furthermore we saw it is both a benefit and a danger that the market was small, since we might penetrate the market more easily :) at least that was our hopes.

    And the naive thought that we would be valued because we were one of the few dedicated. Which also happend to some extent, we got a email line to some supporters, where we have communicated quite some issues...

    But again the naive thought was that they would address the issues, but oftentimes they just stop answering :-\

    soooo I have hard time really standing up for the choice now. You have to learn the hard way.... I guess
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    @COo1 don't beat yourself up about it. That was actually the same thing I went through when I first started coding. Went after a smaller platform because there weren't as many quality apps on there so I thought I'd have a leg up.
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