Since I'm a front-end developer I've been working on PHP quite a lot lately, not only for front-end but also for back-end stuff, data conversion and image manipulation.

I've found that it's quite pleasant to work with thanks to the tons of documentation around and how straightforward it is.

I don't get how much hate it gets but I assume it's because I'm only starting to work with but damn, you could even build a car with it!

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    PHP was once a bastard child you wouldn’t declare as you’re own over the years, but recent times ( PHP5+) it has become a much better language.

    But because of its history a lot of devs don’t see pass the wall of opinionated hate to see what it actually can do now a days.

    Although the built in functions are shit to remember which order arguments go in and when to use an underscore and when not too.
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