$ sudo apt-get remove UK
After this operation, 1 GB will be lost.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

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    and after that,
    apt-get install --force turkey
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    @Linux oh hell NO!
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    i prefer the other side of that coin.
    su -

    emerge --ask nation/liberate-GB --deep @world && emerge world/EU-backwards-compatibility

    eselect profile brexit--success
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    Sudo install locatedb
    Update db
    Sudo locate racist people who hate immigrants

    sh councilestates --vote

    Message: are you sure you would like to proceed these people don't normally vote.


    councilestates voting....

    Output: DailyMail success you win.

    Message: you may need to upgrade in two years after Nigel farage and boris fuck up your country, good luck!
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    Come on, Im so tired of that kind of argument..
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    The classic developer approach of creating bloatware. Just leave the original joke as it was... Stop with the "I know more bash than you!"
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