I dislike Python. Very much.

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    Do you like Ruby?
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    Can we get some reasons as to why you hate it that much?

    Also: @Python
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    What have I ever done to you :(
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    Ruby condescends Python
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    Why though?
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    Hate it too.

    Not strongly typed enough, the indentation syntax is just dumb, it is interpreted, it his not optimized and its not memory or runtime efficient
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    Hate it... But use it.
    You just need working methods and you will have no problems

    After learning ruby and how it doesn't care about indentation and all that shit got really frustrated learning python
    Specially with the kivy library... Errors everywhere.
    My problem... Didn't start from the beginning (no time) so I don't have the sintax basics...
    Maby it's also your problem?

    It's not the gun that matters but how good the shooter is!
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    @RodrigoF I think the gun and shooter analogy could be well adapted for programming languages and programmers. But you managed to completely miss the relevant aspects.

    The gun actually matters a hell of a lot. Even the best shooter can't hit something well out of the range of the gun. And some guns (e.g. Python) are much easier to shoot faster than others, but usually with less accuracy.
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    This is weird, one normally does not hear about people disliking python. Pray tell why my good sir.
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    I don't feel comfortable using it.

    Not even an inch.

    And I have to use it for daily work because of this python loving mental illness that seems to have taken over the world. I don't get what's so remarkable about it.

    Just to be sure, I'm not complaining about learning curves or anything. Nor am I complaining because "I couldn't live without ; and this syntax is oh so strange". I couldn't care less whether there are ; in it or emoji.

    It just feels wrong. Everything in it feels wrong, and the hype's killing me. I can't bear hearing another person praising it for half an hour.

    Well, could be worse. Could be Java.

    Btw, my opinion on Ruby is biased because it was the very first language I programmed in so... you know, kind of first love. I don't use it anymore, but it has an special place in my heart.
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    Well, I guess you can say the same bad things about python as you can say about php.
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    Well if python didn't inforce sintax as much, like ruby, it would be a lot, lot, lot easyer...
    And there are those little details you won't find in any tutorial or manual, maby on a obscure one in the 50's Google search page... Happen to me before... Weeks trying to go arround a bug cause of a little detail...

    Like basic python is almost as easy as ruby... But unless you did a good course from start to finish you hit a lot of walls...

    Btw the weapons expression is said like that... Of course a good gun matters, the point is that if the shooter isn't good, not even the most accurate gun will help
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    And... What the fuck are quarks and warks and wargs and ogres... and when or where do you have to use them and not...
    And fuking lambda to go arround button function calls...
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