I remember at a company that I was working as a Drupal developer, I had finished building a website (both designed and developed it) using Drupal 7. I was very satisfied with the result and the way the company was operating, I had to show it to the project manager and he would say if it was OK to show it to the boss and then I would contact the client to say that we are finished.

When I showed it to the PM, he provided some changes from his personal "I know everything" book and after I made them, we both went to the boss' office. Keep in mind that I had built the website following the clients notes and preferences (custom sliders, certain color swatches etc.) and I was on point.

So, after we entered the office, we sat and I was pumped to hear good news. But, not a minute passed since the page loaded and the boss was clearly unhappy with the result, and more specifically with the changes that the PM provided (not even my fault). When he finished talking, I tried to explain that I followed exactly what the client said and executed accordingly, without the changes that the PM had put on the table. Suddenly, the boss' face was angered and turning red(ish). He started shouting at me and saying that I was not experienced enough to know what I am saying (I was 21 years old at the time), and that they had the experience to criticize if the website was ready or not and if the client would like it, pointing out that I wasn't capable of knowing what the client needed.

I was bursting in my chest, I felt a fire burning with anger and righteousness, but I turned my face down and apologized. It SUCKED! It felt SO bad. I took the notes that he said (which changed 90% of the website's design) and after that I called the client.

I felt some kind of vengeance when the client started shouting at the PM, when he saw the website. He yelled and said that, the design that the boss chose, was not remotely close to what the client had requested.

Next day after I finished the website with the design I had provided, the boss was looking at me like a (proud) wet cat, saying 'well done' but not another word, while entering his office.

Well, at least the client was happy at the end! That's all that matters, right?

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    I'm 17 yo and i'm really freighted by something like that could happens to me because i can't shut my mouth up (and the boss will probably fire me)
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    Don't hesitate to speak your mind and keeping your portfolio at hand. Even if you can't keep from talking, always speak calmly and avoid angry conversations! @IsDev
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    Well done Stereo! Great to hear you followed the brief and delivered what was asked. It's so hard to find the motivation to complete a project when you have to redo like 70%+ and it's even harder keeping a cool head and being processional. I'm glad it all worked out on this occasion but don't get cocky - take it as a win and be humble.
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    @IsDev I never once backed out of an argument with my boss and I'm still in the company and regarded as one of the few people they would never let go. Speak your mind but be open to other points of view. No one needs employees that only say yes all day and never tell their true story. There are too many of those
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