When my idiot technical lead on the client’s floor (where everyone could hear him), “corrected” me in public telling me I should never use parent/child classes and override a method. Instead just use lots of if else statements in the one.

Not just is he a moron, but sounds like he knows what he is talking about if you are a client who knows nothing about coding. So I look like an idiot to our customers and he sounds smart... when it’s the other way around.

And HOW DARE you criticize anyone, even if it is warranted, in public in front of clients. You go in an office and close a door.

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    Oh that would have been a fuuuuun conversation for me to have. I may not have a job afterward but it would have been fun.
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    Reminds me of my high school years, where we were talking jibberish to impress people from other knowledge fields.

    "So if you make a constructor and cast it to async thread, then this can make git rebase 10 times faster to compile"
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    There's only a handful of things I hate, and one of them is when people step on others just to show superiority. I don't care if you want to show off, but please, if you are going to show off, please do it by showing real stuff. Not only it is, in reality, completely dull and lacking in meaning, but it also shows how petty this mother fucker is. He doesn't have any shit to show off, he's just some petty moron that has no other way to show his value than uncovering his stupidity to you. I hope he loses his job and fucking ends eating food from fucking trash, becouse he is a fucking hollow human being.
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    @gitcommit now that is some genuine hatred :D
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    @NotABugAFeature he should have known that the no. 1 rule of work ethics is to never correct your workers in the clients presence.
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    And not you have became the technical lead 😂😂
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