When the product manager says that the next version of the product should make your job obsolete (by making it possible to do ALL possible changes via a GUI).

Sure thing, will do! I love working on this idea!

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    And who assures further developments, the PM?

    I don't know the app, but too much settings, most times, make it too complicated for the user.

    (And a pain to develop)
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    @fredrf that's the thing. they want to implement a visual logic tool (the whole thing is like a small game editor like unity but on a very small scale). and by using the logic thing you should be able to implement additional functionality for the product itself with the logic tool. it doesnt matter how often i tell em thats crazy.

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    thats the absurdity of the software industry, we are all working to some point to make us jobless by automating our jobs away.
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    @heyheni "Oh, we have to use AI for that!"
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    (Don't want to get in an android vs ios argument battle)

    I take a cue from apple on design and that, some things are just defined as is, and unable to change (for design reasons, specs, etc).

    This makes the sw simple, usable and the user can easily become proeficient in the sw.

    I know, this has some drawbacks, but this is how I tend to approach design.
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    @heyheni thats the paradox. But things change, things evolve, and dev will always be in demand.

    Someone has to make the machines able to do our jobs 😁
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    We're doing some of this at my job, but we're all excited about it. One project like this has kind of shipped and now the developer has been freed to work on cooler stuff. For some products it makes sense depending on who your customers are, but for most, making things simpler and taking away configuration is best.
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