It’s now day 4 into handing in my notice. Here's a recap of day 1&2. Here's the recap of day 0: https://www.devrant.io/rants/871145

I handed in my notice on Wednesday with a leaving date of 10/27/17:
> format_date('27/10/17', 'short', 'muurcan');

Thursday, I had an appointment outside of the office... I was called by a marketing guy at [popular graph database company] to try and wiggle his way into my org. I forget his name, so we'll call him Derek:

Derek: 'Hi James, it’s marketer at [graph co] here; I know you downloaded our free book two months ago and we reserved the right to call you constantly since. I just wanted to...'

Me: 'Hol up Derek! I don’t want to waste your time, thank you guys for the book.
I’d have happily paid to avoid these phone calls.
I’ve resigned from [company] before getting a chance to introduce [most popular graph database platform on google, for real, go check now].
Again thanks, but I’m no longer a useful lead.'

Life lesson learned: free doesn’t mean free, free books aren’t worth shit. Marketing people are lovely... but have an job to do so they’re also basically all cunts.

If you want to learn graph DB best practices from oreilly, pay the £7 and be done with it.

Don’t download that book! Derek will take your number and use it like you’re a young naive college girl with a golden pička.

Aside: I’ve met a new girl! I’ve rapidly learned Slovenian swear words. She’s a beautiful Slovenian girl and has the mouth of a sailor. Peace out to any of my eastern euro buddies on here. Privyet, serbus, stay frigging awesome.

I'll be following up on the tag 'jct resigns' for anyone interested.

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    Step One: use throwaway contact details. I have a throwaway phone number and lots of email addresses. (More soon!)

    Step Two: privacy tools!

    Step Three: blissful silence.
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    Very good advice,

    For step one I now use a chrome plugin that generates a burner email.

    It has the added benefit that I can use the email manager to see who’s selling my information to third parties without my consent... which is illegal as fuck.

    I think it’s called inbox.me or notify.me in the chrome plugin store. I intend to use it to blow the whistle on people illegally selling personal data going into the GDPR.

    Any advice on a burner phone provider would be great. I forget the api name (twilio maybe?) but I intend to use that for further comms.

    It would be nice if it weren’t necessary but you live and you learn. At the least I used my company contacts so they’ll lose all contact as I leave the org.

    I’d blocked the marketers number so he used my name and org name to dial the switchboard and get forwarded to me.

    I have the utmost respect for him trying that hard, and the product is actually good... if they tried less they’d have my custom.
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    "a mouth of a sailor"... I want one of those... Hehehehe
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    @RodrigoF haha it’s wonderful.
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    @geometry dash lite amazing post
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