In my last post i wanted to know the average age so i created a google form:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/...
where you can submit your age and a visualization of all the ages:http://sakshisi.de/devrantaverageag...

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    Your website doesn't work on mobile.
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    @CoffeeAndHate ugh i forgot to make it for mobiles sorry i'll fix it @ home
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    Umm, I think this violates data protection law.
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    Not really. He mentioned that after submission you will appear on that page. So you kinda agree with that.
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    Yeah but that doesn't fullfill the requirements for agreeing to data processing/storage
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    I think it's debatable. The personal data protection law refers to, at least in my country, data that can help identifying a real person. Since he only asks for a nickname (which is a false name), age and an avatar url is not enough to identify somebody. There is no real name, address, email.
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    As of the EU general data protection regulation online handles are considered personal data:

    Yeah this went further than intended, btw I'm fine with the original post.
    Just wanted to point it out.
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    While what you said is true, the online identifiers are considered personal data if they can be used to identify a real person, which I don't find the case of this form.
    But I might be wrong and you might be right.
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    you should put the average in the first position on the page too
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