Hey Guys!

Hope to find some help here. So i got a MacBook Pro (2015) from my Workplace and upgraded it to High Sierra. I set everything up and it worked fine untill i did some User configurations. I couldnt access the Settings in preferences because my password was wrong (it wasnt really, but it didnt accept it). So i thought reinstalling would help. I did the reinstall process but got an error at the end of it. “Could not create a reboot partition”. I don’t remember the message exactly. So I have tried several things and hope someone can give me a hint.

- reinstall via cmd + r -> failed
- made a time machine backup from my private MacBook (High Sierra) and put it in my work MacBook -> failed
- recovery from internet -> failed
- external drive with High Sierra installer and booting it from there -> failed

Hope you guys have a clue what to do. Thank you :).

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    Forgot to say that I get a crossed circle symbol every time I boot it up.
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    What were the User configurations that were made and how?
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    As far as I'm aware high Sierra is super buggy and unstable, have you tried installing an older OSX version and gotten the same error?
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    When I updated to High Sierra from Sierra, it basically bricked my drive. I wound up doing an online restore using the online startup option and installing High Sierra fresh.
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    @sgorneau just changed username / accountname in the users & groups section under preferences
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    @BigMacca101 i will ! Thanks for your reply :)
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    @wiredgecko already tried that but it didn’t work out :(
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    I did it!! Worked with El Capitan. Thanks all for your help :)
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