Why are people behaving like communist dramaqueens on every OSS repo?
Why do OSS libraries and frameworks have to be political cunts and insert *the current thing* into every god damn console message of their tooling and on their websites?
Stop it. Get some help.
I want to code, not be a aborted political SJW fetus. Let me fucking code in peace.

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    Example? (I think I might not get out enough 😅)
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    @chaosesqueteam oh fuck off with your "actual" "manly" "work" you bot account.
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    The day master branch was renamed to main branch, that's when the downfall started, really.
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    Honestly, I just think many webs feel like that's the only way they can make an impact.

    For whatever reason there is a big subset of devs that really want to be part of the political discussion and happenings and I'm not sure what's up with that exactly. I'm mildly interested in politics, but I don't mix it with my code. But for some devs that's like their main avenue on how to get their precious opinions out into the world, as if anyone cares in the first place. It's kinda strange
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    @chaosesqueteam I can say a bunch of things if I started picking apart every sentence of yours above, I'll spend the whole night here. So let me keep it short and simple.

    You suck. Shoo yourselves off of this platform, and while you're at it. Go fuck yourself.
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