A guy who had the same nationality as the enterprise we were working for was promoted from JUNIOR js developer to UX/UI coordinator for the entire department just because he was 2 year older than me (26 vs 28). Literally he was a junior dev and went to that.

One day he was accusing me of writing a piece of code which led prod to downtime. I was in the office, he was in another country with our manager and technical director next to him and we were talking over internal conference system. I shown git history + his name + his code and he was saying ‘that’s not true!!!’.

I couldn’t resist and I began to yell something like ‘You fucking fuck piece of shit cocksucker...’ for 5 minutes. Since that day i was the god on my project for UI/UX side.

Even now he is in the same place on the same position...

PS: more stories to come with this guy

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    I don't know what to say, this is really bad. I don't think you can do much in this situation. If you really are great with your skills you can change company.
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    You gained authority because you snapped and yelled? Very professional.. I wouldn't promote you as a coordinator either.
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    @Alice yep,it's not just the skilllevel that counts in a leader position. You have to be a teamplayer as well. And @op doesn't seem to be one.
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    You should piss on him to show domination... this is what i do... trust me. It works
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    Sorry guys. You got it all wrong and it is my fault for not explaining better. What I did is to take this guy’s name out of the project and leave us alone.

    Everybody in the team was on my side. I didn’t get ‘respect’ for yelling. This was my only violent reaction and I was just trying to point out the funny part of it.

    This happened ‘two jobs ago’. I wasn’t fired and the project went into the right direction afterwards.
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    @hash-table thank you.... insert gif
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