Microsoft is bring Edge browser to Android and iOs.


"one of the most common requests we hear from people who use Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 pcs is we want our browser experience to move to our phones"

I think you'll also find another common request is for you to actually finish the damn thing and make it usable.

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    Great, now we will be having the best browser for downloading Google Chrome/FF
    oh wait, we can already do it from App Store/ Play Store
    guess it won't be useful
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    @jerome724 I know what you mean... I have a windows phone too. It seems to work better on mobile than desktop though
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    Don't they know they can download chrome/Firefox through playstore as well? It's not the same process as you do on desktop.
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    I was wondering: years ago Microsoft understood how behind was with ie, so decided to replace it with edge... But why Ms didn't use ff or chromium as base for it's own gpl/opensource browser engine?
    What's the advantages of developing a closed source/half-baked new browser?
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    I know that's hard to resist from make 90s stereotypes old jokes fr you, but if you just could take 2 more seconds, and from IT guys I expect that, you would know that ios version will use apple webkit (because apple doesn't accept anything else) and android version will use blink
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    I have Win10 on my desktop at home, and the only times I've opened Edge was accidentally clicking it when I meant to open Chrome or my IDE, and when for some reason opening certain files would bring Edge up so I could read said file.
    I use Chrome.
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    Now I can annoy mobile frontend teams tho.

    By finding and reporting bugs on Microsofts browser :D
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    @Nifty thanks ... so if you didn't ever actually try it, what's your opinion

    @lotd actually in case of ios you should report the bugs to webkit and in case of android to blink
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    @dontbeevil not if it's specific to a site.

    Like a shiny css rule that isn't supported.. Or has partial
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    @lotd once again, on mobile they'll use webkit and blink webengine, so you'll have to report the bugs to the author of that engines in case :)
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    Maybe they misunderstood Edge fans with Microsoft's EDGE browser
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    ready to download and spray holy water on it then PURGE it
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    @ThatDude nope if you read the details or at least the comments @cyanly
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    @SauceBoss the experience of downloading chrome when using system for the first time or after refresh has improved
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    @SauceBoss haters gonna hate, they stuck in 90s stereotypes, they didn't even try it to judge ... they also stuck in the time when google and chrome were good, fast, light, not full of spyware and bloatware and "don't be evil" trying to impose their own standards
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    Actually, the Edge team has collabored with great stuff to Google and chrome, don't believe me? Search
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    Edge isn't that bad. It has by far the best touch interface available right now.
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