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    Face ID
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    Actually Windows phone was great. <Add 10 more sentences about it's greatness>. But the marketplace sucked. I have a Lumia 920. I wirelessly charge it single last 3 years. (Yeah it was one of the first ones to have it). The phone is still smooth as butter. It just doesn't have all the apps that one would expect. Neither Microsoft offers incentives to make apps for it's marketplace.
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    @brainzeat The apps invented and developed by Microsoft are running much more smoothly on Android and iOS then WP. Office suite, Skype, Outlook, even the ol' Solitaire.

    I had my phone sent into service and i used my old Lumia 930 for 2 weeks. I remember it running extremely smooth with WP 8.1 but i installed WM10. God dammit it drove me nuts. It was my primary phone 2 years ago but it is completely unusable with WM10. The battery goes empty in 5 hours of normal usage (not continuous usage), everything hangs (from OS to apps and store), the phone almost melts because it gets hot like hell.
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    Troll > Edge on iOS/android
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    My life
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    My build time
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    Windows 8 Solitaire
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    Why would you need a windows on your phone if you already have the glass cover the front screen?
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