For my employers: Just go fuck yourself with your greed. I'm gonna start my own business and fail till it succeeds.

A pissed overworked developer who doesn't give a flying fuck about your shitty product

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    🔥🔥🔥 u go tell them thats why i started my own business
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    @b2plane that doesn't count, i remember you wanted to treat your employees the same as these companies treat you. Miserable and all that
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    @thebiochemic No. First I'll hire real engineers by normal ethical procedures and treat them good just so i can get the business rolling smoothly. Once i have everything rolling then I'll start the villain arc tricking the new suckers into thinking they have a chance to get hired only to find out 30 days later that i wasted their time 😈😈😈
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    @b2plane ur turning soft my guy. Pretty soon u will be just like -> I won't hire interns for pay. They don't deserve to get paid

    Which is like 90% of the industry, anyway. You have to step up your game.
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    @b2plane Or create fake corporate ladder with unrealistic targets
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    I wonder if not caring helps you climb the ladder. Since leadership don't care about the product either. All they care about is how much money it makes
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