Things nobody asked for: Yet another Slack redesign.

FFS keep the design stable, I like to remember where shit is. Stop moving it around every three months.

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    It's awful, I have 3 workspaces in Slack but only one is currently using the re-design. So switching between them actually switches between old and new slack -_- It's retarded
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    @Hazarth wait what, you can opt out of the "new design"? :O
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    @DBX12 I think so, but it has to be the workspace owner that does it?

    or maybe it's opt in and one of my workspace owners specifically opted in?

    I also think in my case it might be a free trial kind of thing, so maybe it will revert once the fee trial expires? (it says 9 days left)

    no idea if I have any control over this, I think only the owners might, not sure though
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    That new HOME button has been the reason of my rage these days too many times.
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    @ostream sadly that is not my call to make :/
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    Hey, at least I can make it all pink and pretty now.

    … I’d so much prefer black and red.
    Why can’t I make it black and red, Slack? Why the arbitrary limits?
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