Age 12:
Mum: "You're always on the computer doing your silly codes! if you keep this up you're gonna be a failure at life!"

Age 15
Mum: "Hacking? oh please! you sound like a kid who wants attention"

Age 18
Mum: "Son, i was wrong. im sorry."

Age 25
Mum: "Are you okay over there? you're always on the computer doing your work, rest and take a nap, eat lots of carrots when you can"

even if you weren't very supportive mum, i still love you. :)

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    @ThatDude a decade ago the older generation didn't take the 'computer thing' serious. At least that's what my father did. He discouraged me too, but he never apologized for it.
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    i'm a software engineer and my mom still thinks that i only play or chat when i use my laptop ... recently i tried to explain to her that that's my work then she asked what would i be doing if they invented something else than computers ....
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    @xjdh yea.. fuck that. Keep doing what you enjoy and you'll be fine. Parents often are out of touch with the current generation and are overly protective to there kids. And often do more harm then good.
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    @plusgut well yeah ! i'm preparing for my phd now even though my mom thinks that getting married is better lol i love her though
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    @xjdh do whatever you think makes you happy in the longterm.
    I love my dad too, but he lacks empathy..
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    @bkishan haha happy for you !
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    @theScientist true that, but shouldn't they inform themselfes before giving advice to there kids?
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    @plusgut your dad or my mom just want the best for us, it doesn't mean that their definition of the "best" is accurate or wrong ... don't expect them to inform themselves before advising you, they sometimes use just their feelings or what they grow up thinking, they won't google it. i was on a long train trip alone and i met an old guy from London, he was on vacation and we started to talk and introduce ourselves, and when he found out i'm in the tech domain he told me that he's not in good terms with his son because he was against his son's wish to be a developer, a job that seemed like fail for him back then, his son left the house and took a loan and pursued his studies and now he works for a big cybersecurity company ... the guy seemed regretting everything he said or did to his son, i felt really sorry for him ... it's not really easy to be a parent and be the one to give the RIGHT advice... anyways just don't be so hard on your parent even if they are ...sorry for the long script
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    @xjdh you are completely right. I want my dad to be less judgmental, and I myself am judgmental. I guess I really should be less hard on him..
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    @theScientist I have with my dad quite a good realationship. I believe he doesn't even know it anymore, what he said back when I was a kid. And we don't talk much about this kind of things. In result of that the only thing what's messed up, is my head. I'm always restless and want to be the best in my domain and am looking always for approval. It's time that I chill and calm myself down.
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    My mom always said that computer won't pay my bills. And guess what, now I earn three times more than her.

    PS. it's not fair btw because she works in a hospital as a nurse for almost 40 years. This is really a hard work which isn't paid well. At least here...
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    @theScientist Yup, I know that. I love my work and my mom love her work. I was just stating the facts.
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    What is it with moms and computer jobs that they want us to eat carrots? My mom says it's good for my eyes. And I ate a ton when I played games growing up. Now I pretty much of one or two bags of baby carrots when I work.
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    My mother was really supportive of me becoming a programmer because she thought computers were the future.
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    my everyday-life
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    Thankfully I never experienced this since my father works himself in IT and he always tells me about bugs he found in the project code or complains about his co-workers shitty code
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    When I first told my dad I wanted to program, he was more "Oh, well alright then, if you can learn it and stick to it, sure"

    Now he just hands me tech and shows me stuff that has to do with electronics or software, since he knows I like this stuff and thinks I might enjoy what he has to show me.
    (Though he does know more than me when it comes to Unix/Linux systems and etc.)
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    I'm only a Sophomore in highschool so I don't have too much to share, however my dad is a software developer, and was very supportive of me messing with computers at a young age. My mom for the longest time yelled at me for being on the computer too much, and always assumed I was playing games. Now that I actually make money on the computer l, she's changed her mind, go figure.
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    omg i feel you, even after all these years. My family just thinks what i do is chill in an office, waiting for the next printer to break and get fixed. @Torbuntu
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    My version
    Age 12: you are always on the computer and PLAYING games!! Get off or you are grounded

    Age 15: you are always on the computer and PLAYING games!! Get off or you are grounded

    Age 18: you are always on the computer and PLAYING games!! Get off or you are grounded

    Age 25: you are always on your computer and working, it is not good.
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    @Linux that is pretty accurat, i did make games for the Commodore VIC 20 and my mom always thought programming == gaming this could actually be the reason for my first rant ever xD
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