I'm freelance and I work from home, despite being repeatedly told however my friends have no problem calling in for a cup of tea and a chat in order to stop that work. As a result, I've got to work late to make up for the lost time they've caused me during the working day.

I'm sick to death to explaining this to my friends who just don't understand that I "work from home," and that "I am not home from work."

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    try to work in some coworking center or public library?

    or magae to turn off phone or all communication way with you
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    this is the same principle in regural job in office. you are working on more than one project for diferent client. and one client make priority for one feature, other client make another priority.
    but you still have one keyboard ;)
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    Don't be shy to tell them that you are busy and can't chat. Or lie and tell them you're at the office.
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    I usually mute friends in the messenger if they dont get it - so I still appear normal to them in the contactslist, but I dont get ever notified of their bullshit.
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    @sssssss13 don't say that too loud they will give you a second keyboard and expect you to work parallel
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    @moars42 yeah! fekin' managers 😂
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    I'm trying to communicate that to my kids. It's taking time.
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    Don't your friends have jobs?
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