Just realized sudo means super user do

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    Make a sandwich.
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    Why was not I aware of this? And why have I never looked this up? Well, the more you know :D
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    No it's actually - sexy user do
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    I though it was su do...
    I just realized su means super user.
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    It's also what happens in the aftermath of wing night.
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    Wat. My life has changed.
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    "Assume my pseudonym and do all that must be done." -- someone, probably.

    Pseudonym do --> psuedo -->sudo --> su - Batman

    Sorry, it's been a long week already.
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    Wait, for real?!
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    Slightly incorrect. sudo means "substitute/switch user do", since you can run commands as ANY user, not only root.
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    @stormwise Here is what Wikipedia says:

    "It originally stood for "superuser do" as the older versions of sudo were designed to run commands only as the superuser. However, the later versions added support for running commands not only as the superuser but also as other (restricted) users, and thus it is also commonly expanded as "substitute user do". Although the latter case reflects its current functionality more accurately, sudo is still often called "superuser do" since it is so often used for administrative tasks."

    So I guess we're both right.

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    @Devman Yep, seems we are about equally right. ;-)
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    @mundo03 it technically stands for Switch User
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    @retnikt I realized that 2 days ago on my pi when I had to do a su pi.

    You never stop learning shit
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    I used to think sudo was a part of Linux itself till I learnt to install arch where you have to install sudo package for it.
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    @avalanche arch experience is like no other. During university we had to install archlinux on our machines for one of the classes. We were given only one week for the task. It was almost like leaving vim in less than an hour.
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