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    Did the teacher says that because the for loop starts at 1 ?
  • 6
    @Marethyun but the condition is also set to <= instead of just <
  • 19
    Missing a \n
  • 8
    On every other platform I would have enjoined the joke. On Devrant it gets destroyed by the first 3 comments.😂😂
  • 2
    But shouldn't void didn't return anything?
  • 0
    @gajahterbang yep its disgusting
  • 4
    @gajahterbang The main function returns an integer. Its argument is void because nothing is passed to it. 😀
  • 1
    @stefano ohh sorry.. I just used to

    Static void main() {}

    And didn't see the int in there :D
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    I don't really like it because it's not actually printing the lines. You'd need to compile and run the code to do that. As far as I'm aware, you can't do that on a standard blackboard.
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