Kids these days... 😂

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    React is so last year's, vanilla.js framework is all the rage these days
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    Using the perfectly sufficient bare-bones version of something rather than the convoluted, heavy version saw improvement upgrades?? NO FUCKING WAY
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    I've never learnt a framework, plain js has never let me down!
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    This is a confusing slide. Are they saying they're serving their react app now?
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    I don't like using any frameworks, I like making everything myself. Other than jQuery, you can't do JavaScript without jQuery
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    @FuzzyMyztiq no, server-side react means the page is basically compiled on the server and then sent to the client ready to go, instead of a bare-bones html file and then react and the jsx files being sent to the client.

    @AL1L no you don't! jQuery is useful for some things, but browser support has vastly improved over the last few years. Most things you'd use jQuery for are just as easy without it!
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    @AL1L Please listen to @edensg. jQuery is one of the things you can do without easier than anything else. There are times when it can save some time but I personally think that it creates more ugly, hacky code. I'm so glad that lots of people are moving away from it now.
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    @Fydrenak @edensg you guys are right, I guess it's time to rewrite alot of my code, I have seen many warnings from jQuery about using outdated things and stuff like that.
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    This one was pretty funny. So you made a mostly static page and then changed it to more like an actual static page, and that was faster? :D
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    @AL1L I literally assumed you were being sarcastic
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    @Faraaz kinda was, I'm not going to rewrite my code, it's a personal project so it doesn't really matter.
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    @juunas They (Netflix) published an article about this, I think it's on Medium, and the site isn't as static as it seems - because there's tons of A/B testing and personalisation going on in the background, so they want a dynamic site so they can easily switch components and so on
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