so, i hear you working on linux and love some designs.
show me your .bashrc !


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    yup, and it's called kufi designs @Al-Jarrah
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    @Al-Jarrah learn how to make it first.
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    @Al-Jarrah its : زين الفخر الدين
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    @Al-Jarrah very close.
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    @fnzainal Looks amazing. I actually thought it was maze at first xD
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    Mine is currently set to "neofetch". I love the Acsii logo!
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    Nice logo, dude!
    And welcome to devRant :D
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    @avitron yup. its look like that
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    @hacker thanks 🙆
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    Ha! I use Zsh. 😎

    Sick design and very well incorporated Arabic.
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    @bhedia show me! 😋
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    @AlexDeLarge AFAIK Literary Arabic is pretty much the only dialect you need, unless you want to have a day-to-day conversation with someone.

    It's also more difficult to learn than some spoken dialect - at least to a Hebrew speaker like me. But for me German would be much harder :)
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    @fnzainal I thought it's a beautiful logo before I knew it's in Arabic. Now I think it's both beautiful and amazing :)

    I wonder if there's a way to automate this thing. Must be very difficult I guess.
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    I... uh... I want this more than I should...

    I need to ascii-art me a bashrc 😂
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    @Condor nice one mate!
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