A few months ago I bought an e scooter to get from home to work.

The backstory to this:
My car broke down on the highway, my sister's car broke down on the highway and we didn't have another car apart of my dad's anymore.
Which means I had to look for another car. The cars between 1k-5k € are dogshit and when you want to register the car you have to have an appointment at a government building which happens to be closed when I'm getting out of my 8-5 job.
I had enough and bought an e scooter.

Now back to now:
In the beginning it was cool.
Could get anywhere I wanted to in combination with the Germany ticket. Except for the Netherlands where my beautiful girlfriend is.
There I can legally not use it but that's ok lol.

The German government is hyping e mobility and public transportation up, but for what?
E mobility currently sucks ass with all the shit laws for e.g. e scooters and when you want to transport it in public transport, people give you weird looks, the bus driver wants you to buy a bicycle ticket even if I can fold the e scooter and more. The scanners in the bus of the German buses cannot read my German ticket for some reason and every bus driver in my city knows that and they just look at it and are like "Ok, you're cool. Continue moving", but this old grandma looking ass bitch is like "No, according to the law you need to show it to the scanner and not to me". I fucking know. I've been doing this shit for a year and you know that but it doesn't work. It says to me that I need to show it to you instead of to the scanner bc this machine is fucking dumb and apparently I'm holding the people because I started a discussion with her. This driver ... ugh. The buses in my city come whenever they want as well.
Like sometimes 5 minutes earlier, sometimes up to 30 minutes later.
Inconsistent motherfuckers and I am the one making everyone wait? Suck my donkey kong balls.

German trains... well you know how that goes. It doesn't. It sucks ass.
Every single fucking train line has a problem. Either a previous train has something, or staff is missing, or a technical error or the train driver's ass is itchy and needs scratches from his assistant. There's always something.

When I want to travelled home from my gf I spent not lying 8 fucking hours on the trains on Sunday.
Normally it takes max. 5 hours with a train and 3-4 hours with a car.
I can also go on a rant because of the Dutch train system because it also sucks, BUT they are reliable. They are there when they say they are gonna be there. 99% of the times.
In Germany it is somewhere at 10%.

Now I realized that e scooters are uncomfortable and expensive toys who need maintenance just like a car but nonetheless they are reliable unlike the public transport.
In the winter it will be even worse.

Electrical cars are way expensive and affordable electrical cars you need to keep charging every few baby steps.

I also looked at 125ccm motorcycles which you can drive if you upgrade your existing car driver's license, but ngl that's a scam. Not worth it at all.

And that's why I am looking for a traditional car now. E mobility is not there yet in Germany and public transport is not doable at this moment.

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    Germany has been optimized for cars and it's still in the grip of the car industry, so shitty politics and broken trains are systemic.
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    "Itchy ass needs scratches from assistant"- I wonder how many times this has happened
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    I've just started a lease for a BEV for 200€ a month, what do you mean expensive? E-mobility in Germany is super easy and I say that living more or less in the countryside.

    EDIT: I have like 250km range, which gets me to more than 10 major cities. I wouldn't consider that a baby step.
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    @CodingTripledad I don't want to lease it. I want to buy the car.

    Also 250km is short for me.
    I travel a lot more than that and I don't wanna keep charging my e car and wait.
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    @usr--2ndry I agree with this
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    @ostream just to neutralize your effect in environment, i will use my car to go to supermaket all the time, 200 meter away. And plastic bottles to regular trash so you can watch sad edits with turtles and plastic.
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    @ostream chill out, man.
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    @ostream "I would rather spend 4 hours in the train"

    That's what you say now.
    You'll regret it when you're actually doing it.

    And that shit adds up.
    + 4 hours to some place and +4 hours back home.
    Every 2 weeks.
    And you're living on the countryside. So no "Every 10 minutes I'll have a new train or bus". You get a new bus or train into that direction every 1 hour, if you're lucky.
    You would go insane.
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    @ostream same here. I was on my way home for 8 hours two days ago, too
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    @asgs they've pitched the train conductors ass so much the assistants hand is wrist deep in tje conductors asshole and it now counts as a prostate exam.

    This isnt a train no more! This is a mobile prptocology clinic!
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    It's been my experience to tell the bitch bus driver it's HER problem, SHE'S holding people up, and what is SHE going to do to remedy the situation. And then turn around to the people queueing behind you and tell them the driver is holding things up.
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    Once, a drunk man insulted the night bus driver then told her to get out and take a taxi (too drunk to realize it was her in the bus driver seat). She stopped the engine and said I might consider it.
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    @CodingTripledad my car has 5x that range so yeah I can see why those are on the baby step side. I can't even pick up my gf and go to my moms place without charging and I live in a tiny dense country.
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    I'm a big fan of electric unicycles, it's a shame they're highly illegal in Germany. France and Croatia are chill, UK it's technically illegal but I haven't been stopped yet (though I know a few people that have).
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