Even after our last cd="exit" alias prank, my co-worker forgot to lock his computer today.
I told him he had forgot to lock it.
His facial expression was priceless.
You could literally see the paranoia rising in his eyes.
Let's see if he finds anything funny with his computer....

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    Open code, replace semicolons with greek question marks, close code, go to hell for your sins... :P
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    When that happens the best thing to do is nothing at all. Simply tell him happy hunting and walk away. He will spend all his time trying to find what isn't there.
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    I don't think that's funny. Never touch another dev's computer it not specifically told to do so.
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    @mithrial a dev should take security seriously and lock their computer when they step away
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    @antoni4040 Hahaha, great one! 😃
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