Mom:What are you studying?

Me:Types of SQL Injection

Mom:U r in engineering?Right?So why are u studying types of Injections?


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    Because I'm Doctor, doctor for the websites and insecure broken links. 🔒🛡
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    to mom:
    so you're an accountant, why are you always talking about nets with gross stuff in them as if you were a fisher?
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    I'm URLogist 😂😁
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    Well I can choose to study medical computer science If I want to
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    “Because if you saw what I have to see every day...”
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    because programming is like a drug.
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    Because you gotta scare the kids away.
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    Someone at DefCon had a presentation about three different types of SQL injection. I know that one of them is called "blind" because you can't see any output.
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    When I told that to my parents they told me "If police ever come to our door, you have time until they get to your room, we won't try to stop them. But we'll bring food to prison."
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    Because computers get viruses too. Geez, don't you vaccinate your computer mom?
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