If you want to experience the definition of hell, do iOS Development and use their only allowed IDE called "Xcode". It was made by Satan himself. You're welcome.

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    And until not very long ago, it was light mode only
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    Xcode is not the only allowed IDE. You can use any IDE that you want.

    After almost two decades of developing for Windows, Android, Web and iOS, I find iOS to be the least annoying.

    The only downside of Xcode is that its UI isn’t configurable like it is other IDEs. Otherwise it’s pretty decent.
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    Nicola talked about doing ios development, i.e. making an app for iphone.

    If you are making any other type of software development, of course you are not bound to XCode.

    Btw, XCode sucks, seriously.
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    @daniel-wu still not true. You can do iOS development with Visual Studio and Xamarin.
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    @dontbeevil in case that you still think that it’s only MS that’s cool to hate.
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    @dontbeevil lol unlike in this rant? It’s literally hate about something that’s factually untrue.
    I’m not hurt, just annoyed. Even more so that you don’t even see this shit is not exclusive to MS. You are much more a MS fanboy than I am an Apple fanboy 😄
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    @dontbeevil no it always depends.
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    @Lensflare You are still required to install Xcode and open it even though you use Xamarin to make IOS app. It's the same case as Flutter and React Native.
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    @dontbeevil most of your points are correct but one thing changed recently:
    It’s possible to selectively install or uninstall specific parts like iOS development. This saves a significant part of space and installation time.
    The bundle is smaller and the optional parts are downloaded on demand.
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