So, let me get this straight. At a company called OpenAI, which has the mission of making AI available to the world, the CEO was fired (then rehired, then fired, then rehired) and all the employees stood in solidarity with him through all that. But then there was this new AGI development that the supposedly open company is hiding from everyone and which could threaten the existence of humanity. Because OpenAI is open and is very concerned about AI's existential threats. Except when it's not because it's concerned with AI's existential threats.

Did I get that about right?


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    Wow, a link to yahoo of all places? Really?
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    @electrineer Not sure what that has to do with my rant, other than it being where I encountered the information being a site that was started in the late 90s on the basis of humans, rather than an algorithm, curating a categorized directory of websites. In that sense, the irony is palpable.
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    OpenAI is not open either 😝
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    stop worrying my guy, you have no power in this whole situation.

    Kick back in ur chair, crack open a cold one and watch the world burn itself.
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    What @electrineer said.
    Yahoo is dead and a bot && malware infested zombie for decades now.
    Believing anything they publish is like believing you had great boobs where instead you're just a fat fuck neckbeard.

    If you found this summary from any reputable source, it would make things much easier.
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