It's ironic how I could seem to get ms Silverlight working on windows 10 and now I got it working in Linux through wine
Seriously anyone who uses Silverlight in his websites or web applications should burn in hell

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    @NoMad Word 2011 was compatible and quite good
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    @ThatDude Me or the people doing something with Silverlight? 😅😂
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    Fortunately silverlight isnt supported anymore and every documentation page gives this warning.
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    @Codex404 yeah that's why I'm really angry about having to use it, nobody supports that shit anymore
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    Bloody SilverLight. It caused my pc to freeze arbitrarily whenever I was watching Netflix.

    Microsoft was aware of the issue for years and chose to end support for it instead. 😞

    But it's gone now! Yay!
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    @theNox oops it should be couldn't, I couldn't get it working in Windows 10, but I got it working in Linux, that's the irony
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    @NoMad I recently installed office 2010 on ubuntu using playonlinux because it was easier than downloading a windows image...
    Can't imagine the pain that person went through creating the script but I am glad it exists.
    Everything seems to work correctly and my mother is happy now 😊
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