Fuck, is it worth learning PHP and WordPress to actually get freelance jobs? Everything I find is in fucking WordPress and I just need to make some fucking money

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    You dare use “word urrgh press” around here.

    To answer your question, god no, don’t sell your soul to that devil.
    Surely there’s something else you can do?

    But yes, php is handy to know if you cross over to other typical frameworks like laveral / symphony ect
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    A lot of *cheap* freelance jobs. That's the important thing. If you look past those, you might find some interesting stuff, but it's rare. Rare, but pays well and can be a long-term engagement.

    For some americans, very few people, freelance sites are a place to get cheap employees that you don't have to pay taxes for, but they pay waaaaay above anything I've seen wordpress-related.
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    I found your problem, freelance.

    Realistically speaking, any worth while jobs for money will never be freelance. The jobs that people actually care about will be in contract or fte.

    So yes, i guess the answer is yes if you are adamant about being a freelancer
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    I feel it is. It's what I'm doing on the side. I'd even choose to do it fulltime if I could get enough work as my current job situation is pretty dire and I'd prefer to be my own boss. I got bills to pay and myself to support and I don't want to fall back on social security. If people think it's not good enough they can pay for me 😋 Seriously though I'll take good advice on how to do better but being an adult means you gotta bring in the cash. I sometimes feel opinions on how you do that are neither helpful nor justified. It's like how people look down on someone working in an unschooled job. They are often people just trying to provide for themselves or their families. And you'd be screwed if they didn't do their job. If you think they can do better, fine, but do it in a constructive way. Just like how saying Wordpess is bad doesn't help anyone.
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    When times get hard...u sometimes do questionable things for money...
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    @charlitos hince the song "ain't no rest for the wicked"
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