And the award for the most fitting ad placement goes to...

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    xD. That's the most on point ad I've ever seen!
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    Austria Oida!
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    How did you get the black Google? Curious.
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    @sagar13 it's duckduckgo, it has theming
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    Wow they are so desperately trying to get customers they give 1TB for free
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    @MatiasConTilde oh wow, someone write a file storage frontend for this already
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    Yahoo is very dead
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    LOL i see 'report ad' kindly use it and select 'not relevant with content'😅
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    @jAsE Gmail at least didn't get all its accounts hacked and didn't actively stream all its data to the NSA.
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    What would you need 1TB of mail storage for?
    Sending & storing pr0n?
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    im still using Yahoo mail -_-
    The reason is simple... i created the account a long time ago when yahoo was still superior to most email providers. When gmail came along it looked sleek but didnt have enough filtering capability yet so i chose to stay on my old account. Once i wanted to start using gmail i made an account and found out... you had to pay for premium to forward your emails from yahoo... its still possible to forward free from gmail so i forward all my email to a single inbox where i sort and archive all of them.
    Sad but thats my reality...
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    @sarathyweb damnnn, the war is realll 😂😂
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