For fucks sake if I send you a clearly described 5 step install instructions do not start on step 3! Yes you fucking moron instructions labeled 1,2,3,4,5 should be carried out one after the other! Not in random order.

Seriously, how deranged are you that you have never ever encountered a step-by-step instruction before?!

Don't give me that "oh, should I have started with step 1 first? You weren't very clear about that. I think it is a bit too complicated."

Here are some more instructions:
1. Close your PC
2. Donate it to someone with detectable IQ level
3. Go fuck yourself
4. Please die
5. Yes, start with step 1

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    I read step 2 as "donate it to someone with *detachable* IQ level"

    now I'm deep in thought about the possibilities and effects of detachable IQ's

    "and since our nation is in need of medical advances, we have decided to detach all IQ's over 130 and attach them to our doctors"

    "NO, you will not detach my IQ.. aaaaaa... bo bo goo gaaa"
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    You forgot humans are asynchronous.

    Now I’m here fucking my self while I close the pc and looking at the noose hanging from the ceiling to see if it fits around my neck.

    who wants my IQ?

    Oh step 5 received. I guess I can stop and just close the pc now.
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    Maybe you should give them a tutorial for going on the toilet:

    1) go in direction of toilet until you stand infront of the door

    2) open the door

    3) enter the cabin/toilet whatever

    4) close and lock the door

    5) do stuff

    6) unlock and open door

    7) leave cabin/room whatever

    8) wash hands

    I'm sooooo interested in how dirty the office would look like
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    @xalez hahaha would pay to see that movie
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    @sslPoodle oh last time the muggles where asking me why I was starting from 0 :(
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