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    Holy Lamas! The fucked up SharePoint Saga continues.
    Lick my glory Cucumber!

    2 Weeks ago, Project Department Boss:
    We will put a hold to the SharePoint development. Our Proof of Concept failed, even free opensource Software provides more functions.

    Me: Alright, I just told you that from the beginning, but this were two great months wasted. In this time I had more important Stuff to do. But thanks that your four workers are overpayd and do batshit, GREAT.

    Meeting last week, Project Dep. Head:
    We will continue the SharePoint development. We will migrate all of our Data, even if it has a lot of flaws.

    We will use OneNote as Wiki.

    Me thinking: That's it, we are doomed!! I will suck my own Cucumber sideways... Please just once care about the People using this Software. Why do you say I am the most crucial guy for this project and then give a fuck about my ideas?!🤬

    No they only care for the payslip and the promotions, even if the Software is a Clusterfuck😭.

    I wont stand if you start using over 200 OneNote Documents!! This decision will drive us straight Bollocks in to the wall. That would be data Terrorism 2.0 🤬

    Honestly I will either start give a fuck and plan out my own tool or give up entirely. But I can't my superior is such a nice person and has the wish for a great tool 😥. She even appointed me to this position, because I'm more tech savy than her.

    Next week I will have some talks, this cant go on. Burning Millions of Dollars for years and just presenting shit. I never had dreamed, that I would be involved in such shit 🤦🏻‍♂️

    If I start to dev myself, I will do it private beside my job, write up all my hours and get them payd out as a dev and not as a Supporter (Yea my position is IT-Supporter). That would be 180 $ per Hour.

    Then I will show the fuckfaces how it's done. This was also suggested by my superiour, she's really a great person ❤️