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Tinder, but without all the "getting to know eachother" parts and straight to all that good stuff. Mixed with Uber-like characteristics to know where fellow cuddlers are. I'm gonna become a millionaire
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Java-Android Studio
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one man army
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    @Alice There will be a survey to check if you are a rapist or not, it will ask if you are a rapist or not. And you will tick a box promising that you are not lying
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    @1989 I shall use Skype to verify everyone face to face

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    @Alice Hahaha, if I saw an app like that I would think it's a governments attempt to make a self-filling watchlist.
  • 2
    So basically like taxi drivers used to make a side buck by picking up clients and driving them to hookers, but digitalised. Awesome!

    Will you also have a surge pricing thing like uber does?
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    Isn't this basically what most people use tinder for?
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    Seems like sophisticated troll
  • 6
    "Get in my car and take off your bra"

    Download now!
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    What an !awesome collab.... lol
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    fucknride.com - "pay" on the go

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    So take taxi finder?
  • 1

    I LOVE IT!!!
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    @1989 definitely a video captcha: watch these 5 videos. select all that do not depict rape. =D

    (NOW the joke has gone too far, you're welcome =D)
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    @AlexDeLarge Ride&Ride =D
    ads would have that black rapper, with text "Hey dude, i heard you like riding, so I made an app..."
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    Yes but they kind of already do that on every dating app.
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    Ok. So these people wouldn't be rapists because you'd be on the app willingly. You'd have to work under the assumption that these were not prostitutes.

    To do this, you would allow 2 buttons in the "messaging" part. Where and When with only valid dates and addresses allowed. Possibly add a gate code or a one sentence description of the location.

    After a "confirmed" meet. Both apps open next to each other, both people would rate the sex and have option to report someone. Think of the "Uber" rating system. It asks things like: Good music? Professional? Kinky? Etc...
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    I've thought about something like this a long time ago and my idea to solve problematic users, rapists in your project's case, is to associate their accounts with respect/reputation points.

    1) New users can only go to dates or just meet ups (no monkey business) to raise their reputation. After their date or meet up, they will be asked if they want to increment or decrement the other person's reputation points. They may even report the user if bad things happened between them.

    2) effectiveUserSightRadius = userRepPoints >= minRequiredRepPoints ? SOME_RADIUS_CONSTANT * (userRepPoints / maxUserAttainedRepPoints) : 0;
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