devMag - A regularly published digital devRant magazine with tech articles written by users, user interviews, etc

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devMag - A regularly published digital devRant magazine with tech articles written by users, user interviews, etc

From here (@Alice): https://devrant.com/rants/1607901
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    I like that idea but it does require free time to maintain it
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    Any chance that we could team up with dfox and trogus to add a "submit article" section to the app?

    Or even as a replacement for the weekly rants?
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    Im also thinking we best not do the "this week in tech" stuff, but rather indepth technical guides, personality profiles, shorter themed per publication how-tos etc
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    @Alice aah in that case then ya I guess it is doable, and would be great if dfox and trogus link it here too if it ends up being published
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    This would be neat. We could compile top10 wk rants or release yt videos as articles
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    "Top" filter?
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    Let's see. 🤔
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    The Rage - A magazine by ranting developers, for ranting developers
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    Fabulous Idea.
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    Note to self..
    Reread this in morning and contribute
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    Who is initiating? @CozyPlanes @Alice ?
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    Some ideas..

    Dev glare.. Devrant is about reactions, right

    So dev glare. Like glare from a monitor. And glaring at someone...glaring at the industry.. How others (boss's) see Devs..

    I think it could be an opportunity to provide a voice for disenchanted devs... articles about the treatment, bad pay, unrealistic expectations, recruiters, during to many queries, etc. An industry magazine that fights for the rights of the people who work in the field.

    Dev glare

    Just initial thoughts... There can be tech articles and all that too but.. I think everyone needs to band together a bit to stop all the bs I see you guys complain so much, and rightly so

    What's in it for me.. I would just want a section for people who want to write small software and start their own niche business

    Because it would go with the book in writing

    I would put some considerable time into this for sure.
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    Or maybe just.. Glare
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    Since we already have dev.to and hashnode, I just prefer a platform where we can write proper article is all we need for the start 🤔

    Just a journal of devRanters 🤔
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    100% ready to pitch in on this
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    If using WordPress or Laravel or PHP, buzz me anytime for programming.

    Apart from that, I will be the tester and early adopter and provide one article per month max.

    Alice knows my discord :*

    My mail is on my profile.
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    So yea, I have decided to take an initiative after some of recent incidents at devRant. Losing ++s is fine. Friends leaving devRant is still fine. However losing some of the amazing rant, is not really fine.

    Here I present you the quick and dirty solution of mine.


    Currently only admin can create user accounts.

    Not very suitable for mobile browsers.

    Laravel + Voyager + Bulma on Gitlab.

    Everyone is welcome to contribute. Repo is currently private, so feel free to buzz me here or to my mail.

    Oh I couldn't buy devmag cheaply.
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