Perfect way for generating random string...

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    Looks practical enough to me.
    You didn’t say uniquely random 😂
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    @IllSlapU yep, the whole codebase is a garbage, mostly we can't even understand the previous devs' logic - but sometimes we find some even worse snippets, like this.
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    @irene Same here, I don't get it.

    As long as the "rand" functions works well enough it should produce a new random string from given characters every time
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    @irene, @Froot well yes, at least it works but it's not too pretty and a bit slow for a solution - problem is, there are too many slow and not pretty code in this project, making it unstable and incredibly slow - and a big pain to fix anything
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    @irene, @Froot also, as now I see, it could simply fail if called.
    strlen returns the string's length, rand's max is inclusive in PHP, so it could reference to an undefined index
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    It depends on what you want to use it for.
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    @irene I'm on it. :)
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    snake_case and camelCase at once
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    @harrizsb I didn't see it, but it doesn't surprise me xD
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    Im not a php pro but isnt there a "str_random" function in the php standard library?
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    I don't see the issue. It works doesn't it?
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    @FetzenNET not in PHP nativity., unless you use OpenSSL’s random_bytes

    Possibly, some frameworks have a function to do this which would probably work in a similar way.
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace nope, it also fails as I said above ;)
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