so now i have to explain to customers how long a 30 day trial is...

do you guys know maybe, just maybe... HOW LONG A 30 DAY TRIAL IS?!?!?

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    I miss the old days where it was actual run time trails. So 30 days but only counted when you are actually using it.
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    fun fact:
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    @kiki So 'M' = Mario, 'L' = Luigi. Yet they are called 'Mario brothers'.

    In the movie, their last name is 'Mario'. Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. Or is there some other explanation to it ? :P
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    It's from January 1 2024 until June 31st 2026 .
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    @Grumm exactly! Mario is a last name.
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    Mostly these days we get 7 days or 3 days free trials.. if you get 30 days, you want to celebrate it with some pineapple juice ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    Let me guess: customers are thinking "30 days, so they mean a full month" and being surprised when it ends on a month with 31 days?
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    Or some other 1 off math like: "I signed up on 10 so it should be valid thru Jan 10"
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    @jiraTicket That reminds me of an argument that I had with a local planning office... I purchased a "monthly permit" and noticed that it expired on the 30th of a 31 day month. I called to have them correct the expiration and we went DEEP down a rabbit hole of what their "monthly permit" was.

    Very long argument short, they were issuing "30 day permits", which could actually be purchased starting any day of the month, but their online purchase system called them "monthly permits" and pre-populated the first day of the month in the form when you bought them online.

    The person I spoke to never grasped how that was confusing to users (but mentioned they get calls complaining about it all the time). I promptly gave up trying to convince them.
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